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ELI WALLACH. TERESA WRIGHT. BIRGIT NILSSON A one-page album page: on one side, what amounts to two autograph letters signed to photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt. Actress Teresa Wright: "Dear Esie, I never thought we'd be working together on T.V. but one of the better things about this crazy business is people you get to know---I hope to see some of the pictures you've been taking when this is all over…Teresa Wright December 27, 1959." And actor, director Eli Wallach: "I never thought I'd occupy your shoes---it's been an honor. Much has developed between us---even more than a film acquaintanceship. I hope someday to achieve in 'theatre' what you've done in the world of photography…" On the reverse, a less ornate greeting from Swedish soprano Birgit Nilsson. [ref:6321]
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"Astaire, Fred"
Fred Astaire "A typed letter, on Fred Astaire, 1129 Summit Drive, Beverly Hills, California stationery, signed Fred, July 27, 1960. ""Thank you so much for sending me the Jonah Jones album, 'A Touch of Blue'. I think it is a knockout."" ""I hope Jonah and I will get together again sometime but for the moment my coming show is routined."" 1 page, 8vo. Jonah Jones was a jazz trumpeter, who gained great acclaim after a 1958 appearance on AN EVENING WITH FRED ASTAIRE T.V. show. " [ref:5017]
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"Davis, Bette"
Bette Davis "A 7 1/2 x 9 1/2 image-size original photograph of a youthful Davis reading a script in front of a CBS microphone. On the 11 x 14 mat board mount to which it is affixed the Academy Award winning actress wryly comments: ""This proves my oldest daughter B.D. is a twin. Bette Davis."" Davis' daughter, Barbara Davis Sherry, known as B.D., was born in 1939. Unusual. " [ref:5036]
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"Fitzgerald, Ella"
Ella Fitzgerald "An original 7 x 8 1/2 black and white photograph of the late beloved jazz singer, shown walking across a stage; signed ""Best wishes to you, Sincerely, Ella Fitzgerald."" Some scrapes to the emulsion do not materially affect the image. " [ref:5041]
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"Gielgud, John"
[Sir] John Gielgud "A 6 x 8 1/2 black and white photograph signed by the late distinguished British actor; accompanied by a typed letter signed John on Gielgud's personal letterhead, January 4, 1966. To an editor of G.P. Putnam's Sons. ""Many thanks for your letter and for sending me the proof cover designs for my STAGE DIRECTIONS paperback and which certainly should catch the eye...this editon may make a good appeal to students."" ""I come back to New York at the beginning of next month to rehearse some new people for my production of IVANOV. We then go on the road for about seven weeks, and open in New York in Mid-April for a short season..."" 1 page, 8vo. The two: " [ref:5048]
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"Hayward, Susan"
Susan Hayward "A scarce vintage 8 x 10 photograph of the Academy-Award winning American actress who has signed and inscribed the bust image, ""To Evelyn, Best Wishes, Susan Hayward."" A lovely image. " [ref:5055]
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"Layton, J. Turner"
J. Turner Layton-Clarence Johnstone. "An 8 1/2 x 10 3/4 S. Georges of London photograph of the immensely popular African American entertainers, who as Layton & Johnstone took England by storm in the 1920's. They taught the Prince of Wales the Charleston at St. James Palace. Inscribed to ""Miss Atley with best wishes"" and signed Layton and Johnstone. Their signatures are across a darker portion of the image, but the inscription is perfectly readable. " [ref:5062]
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"Lee, Peggy"
Peggy Lee "An unusually nice vintage 8 x 10 photograph of the American jazz singer, actress and award winning songwriter, whose sophisticated style was copied by generations of younger performers; here Ms. Lee writes, ""To June and Reese-It was such a nice engagement and you were wonderful! Sincerely, Peggy Lee."" " [ref:5070]
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"Newman, Paul"
Signed Screenplay. Paul Newman. Joanne Woodward. MR. AND MRS. BRIDGES. "The 121-page large 4to script by Ruth Prawer Jhabvala for the James Ivory 1990 film MR. AND MRS. BRIDGE, boldly signed, in rare combination, by the two stars, husband and wife, Paul Newman and Joanne Woodward, on the title page. The script itself is interesting for it bears numerous changes, queries and observations in the margins in an unidentified hand, which seems to indicate a working copy. Bound in an inexpensive leatherette red casing. " [ref:5113]
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"Page, Patti"
Patti Page "An 8 x 10 vintage photograph signed by the American pop singer, forever identified with the song THE TENNESSEE WALTZ. " [ref:5091]
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