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FELIX ADLER A typed letter on The Society For Ethical Culture of New York letterhead, March 4, 1911, by the German-born Jewish professor of political and social ethics, founder of the Ethical Culture movement. "…If you will call upon me sometime during the two weeks you intend spending in New York we can take this matter up once more. The best time to see me is on Wednesday at 12:30 P.M…It is best to call up my office…I am sometimes called away unexpectedly." 1 page, 4to. [ref:5756]
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MAUD BALLINGTON BOOTH An excellent 7 3/4 x 9 3/4 photograph of the British-born humanitarian, married to Ballington Booth, and co-founder of the Volunteers of America after splitting with her father-in-law, General William Booth's organization The Salvation Army. A tireless reformer for prison conditions, here Mrs. Booth writes on her image: "Yours very truly, for our country's prisoners, Maude B. Booth." [ref:6743]
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Buchanan, Joseph Rodes
An autograph letter signed San Jose, April 18, no year, but late 1890's, by the American pioneer in spiritualism. "I have said nothing of [General] Bishop Polk 'stumbling in the dark'---but simply that whenever he touched iron even accidentally he tasted it. "Periodicity 2nd edition has been out some months---never 'out of print.' The Barnum folks owe me no good will. Their treatment has been infamous….I did not agree with them in denying the existence of Jesus and upholding the crazy book of Roberts…It is dangerous to tell the whole truth in religious questions." 2 pages, large 8vo. File holes not affecting text. [ref:2140]
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[Bullfighting]. Barnaby Conrad. An informative typed letter signed on personal letterhead March 25, no year by the bullfight aficionado, amateur bullfighter and writer on the art of bullfighting. "Went to the Virgin Islands with John Steinbeck and his wife and found them very virginal (the islands!). Mexico very unvirginal and changed since I was last there. Saw the last three corridas of Carlos Arruza. Too bad he has quite, as he is the best in the world..." "Manolo Do Santros is also retiring and I saw his last fight in Mexico...He was quite good, but has both knees pulverized by the bulls. Pedres is a very sensational fighter, but of the new ones my favorite is Jumillano. Petres, however, does astonishing things with a bull, thing that no one has ever done before. Pero no tiene mucho arte (But he doesn't have much artistry)." 1 1/2 pages, 4to. [ref:4719]
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Cassini, Igor
An 11 X 14 signed and inscribed Hal Phyfe photograph of the gossip columnist, whose pen name was Cholly Knickerbocker. Some staining to right margin; no loss to writing. [ref:3489]
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Cooke, Alistair
ALISTAIR COOKE. An excellent 3 ½ x 5 ½ pen and ink self caricature signed by the urbane British-American journalist, TV personality and broadcaster, known for his series Letter from America, Alistair Cooke's America and of course the BBC jewel Masterpiece Theater. [ref:5296]
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Hopper, Hedda
HEDDA HOPPER. A vintage 10 x 8 photograph of the actress turned gossip columnist, rival of Louella Parsons, who has written a very funny inscription signed Hedda: "To Tony-As long as stars send pin up girls fishing net hose and good pictures, here's to us, Hedda." Unobtrusive corner defects, otherwise fine. [ref:5615]
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JOSE LOPEZ-COBOS An excellent autograph musical quote, from Anton Bruckner's Eighth Symphony, signed and dated by the Spanish conductor, Director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and longtime conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Inscribed a member of the orchestra, violinist Donald Gibson: "A Donald Gibson with the best memories of our long relationship trough (sic) the music, All my love." 1 page, oblong. [ref:6937]
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Menken, Alan
Signed Sheet Music. Under the Sea. The piano score for the rollicking song Under the Sea from the Disney animated film The Little Mermaid. Signed by Oscar winning composer Alan Menken. 11 pages, folio. [ref:2334]
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Scoles, John Joseph
[ARCHITECTURE]. JOHN JOSEPH SCOLES. A lengthy autograph letter signed J. J. Scoles, London, July 27, 1829, by the English architect, known for his work on Regent's Park, numerous churches, Catholic as well as Episcopal; he also did extensive architectural work in Rome, Greece, Egypt and Syria; he published the year of this letter Map of Nubia, Comprising the Country Between the First and Second Cataracts of the Nile. Here Scoles writes to a Halls, Esq. [?], "Mr. Hollins has written me to say that Mr. Rolls may have the picture of the Greek girl to finish his plate from…I have to further state that the proprietor of the painting is promised the picture in a month this time & Mr. Hollins hopes the engraver will have finished by then." 3 pages, 8vo. Autograph address and postmarks on the 4th page. [ref:6011]
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