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"Visconti, Luchino"
Luchino Visconti "A highly desirable 5 x 3 1/2 photograph signed and dated Vienna, 1969, by the Italian film and opera director; Visconti, whose works include BELLISIMA, THE LEOPARD and DEATH IN VENICE on film and many notable stagings of operas, is shown seated at a desk. " [ref:5132]
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Airy, Sir George Biddell
SIR GEORGE BIDDELL AIRY. An autograph document signed G. B. Airy by the Royal Astronomer of England at the Royal Observatory at Greenwich; a request to his agents to purchase books from the library of the late ProfessorThomas Henderson, Royal Astronomer of Scotland “to be sold on Jan. 13, 14, 15,1845…which Mssrs. C. B. Tait & Co. are requested to purchase for G. B. Airy, Royal Observatory, Greenwich.” The astronomer lists 39 lots by number and author. 1 page, 4to. [ref:6006]
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Archer, Jeffrey
Jeffrey Archer A letter signed, with holograph greeting and closing, on the disgraced politician, writer and playwright's personal letterhead, London, March 28, 2008. Lord Archer transmit a signed photograph of himself [present] to an admirer. The two: [ref:4757]
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NAPOLEON BONAPARTE An early folio document signed by Thomas-Alexandre Dumas, the mulatto father of future novelist Alexander Dumas pere, Cairo, 27 Fructidor, an 6 [September 13, 1798]. Addressed to General- in-Chief, Bonaparte, Dumas requests a favor for some military animal veterinarians. Unusual. Boldly approved in a manuscript endorsement signed by the future Emperor. [ref:7010]
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JOSEPHINE BUONAPARTE A manuscript letter signed "Lapagerie Buonaparte" Paris, 4 floreal, An 8 [April 23, 1796], the future Empress, who had married Napoleon scarcely a month earlier, shows her lifetime kindness to endangered children. "The file of Etienne Thomas Maussion is in carton no. 125. I don't know if it has been examined by the commission. I am taking such interest in these poor orphans because I knew their mother very well and because the justice that is due to them sincerely makes me wish that Citizen Le Page employ everything in his power to speed up their case and bring it to a conclusion." 1 page, 4to. With an 1845 8vo engraved portrait of Josephine. The two: [ref:6620]
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SIR RICHARD F. BURTON A scarce autograph letter signed R.F. Burton, Vaud, Switzerland, July 11, 1888, by the English geographer, explorer, translator, writer, soldier, spy and diplomat. He is best known today for his unexpurgated edition of The Arabian Nights and his publishing of the Kama Sutra in English. To Thomas E. Sterry, "Excuse long delay in acknowledging yours of June 18. The note went to Trieste and followed me round about Switzerland." "How 'Shakespeare' stood for Keats in 'much have I travelled' etc. puzzles me. It is the merest blunder and if the author blundered the reader might have corrected him." 2 pages, 16mo. With the original autograph addressed postmarked and stamped envelope. The two: [ref:6484]
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CAROLINE OF BRUNSWICK, PRINCESS OF WALES A lengthy autograph letter signed Caroline, May 18, 1804, by the estranged wife of George IV of England; her scandalous behavior rivaled her husband's. To Viscount Melville, recently appointed lst Lord of the Admiralty. "I am just informed that your Lordship has complied with His Majesty's wishes & with the anxious solicitations of the nation by resuming one of the first situations in the Kingdom." The Princess continues with a request, "I feel myself quite proud to give a fair opportunity to your Lordship to reward the courage, fortitude & zeal of a British naval officer…Capt. Macleod of the Sulphur had the command of the Stone expedition lately & I have no doubt, had not the change of administrations intervened he would have been promoted to the rank of post-captain…I offer you a fair opportunity to prove that you have not ceased to be my friend…[I hope] to have the pleasure of seeing your Lordship sooner than the birthday of our dear King." 3 pages, 4to. Some fold wear and reinforcements. [ref:6625]
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Chamberlain, Neville
Neville Chamberlain. A letter signed N. Chamberlain, with autograph salutation and closing on 11, Downing Street letterhead, February 17, 1937. Written as the controversial Chancellor of the Exchequer, the British statesman, who within three months of this correspondence, would become Prime Minister and within a year would become the symbol of appeasement through his concessions to Adolph Hitler over Czechoslovakia, addresses a Major S. Strang Steel. "Thanks very much for your letter…and your kind invitation to dine with you at the New Club, Edinburgh, before the Meeting on the 5th prox. I shall be delighted to do this, and it will be very pleasant to see you again after such a long interval." "I shall probably come by the 10 o'clock train, as you suggest, arriving at 5.20, and, although this leaves me rather a long time in Edinburgh before dinner, the next train is so late as to be inconveniently near the hour of the Meeting." "I don't know whether Alec Douglass will be coming up with me, or not, but, if any change in the arrangements is contemplated, I can let you know nearer the time." 1 page, 4to. Alec Douglass, Lord Alec Douglass-Home, was Chamberlain's Private Secretary at this time and attended him to the Munich Accord the following year. Douglass-Home later became Prime Minister. [ref:5653]
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PRINCE CHARLES A four-line autograph sentiment on a 4 ½ x 3 ½ correspondence card, headed by the gilted crest of the Prince of Wales. In toto: "Angus, A very happy Xmas from Charles." With portrait of the future King of England. The two: [ref:6755]
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CHARLES I A rare manuscript document signed, at the top margin, Charles R., Court at Whitehall, May 28, 1625. Two months into his reign the Stuart monarch, the son of James I, addresses a command to The Earl of Mar, His Majesty's Treasurer, his deputy Sir Archbald Naper and Sir William Oliphant, Advocate for Charles in His Kingdom of Scotland. The King urges these gentlemen to go to the county of Glenalmond to challenge the claims of certain parties to Royal hunting forests and then appoint a Royal forester with income to administer said lands and replenish them with deer and other game "till our further pleasure be known." Regally framed in dark brown and garnet red, to show the integral address leaf with Royal Seal, in a beaded wood and silver-tone molding, with a 17th century engraved portrait after van Dyck of the Royal martyr, beheaded in 1649 at Whitehall, the very palace in which this document was signed. 27 3/4 x 15 3/4. [ref:6754]
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