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"Hirschfeld, Al"
Al Hirschfeld "An 11 x 17 poster for a show at the James A. Michener Art Museum entitled ""In Line with Al Hirschfeld, An Al Hirschfeld Retrospective."" The poster features a printed self caricature of the American caricaturist who has added a large third hand, and a generous inscription signed April 1, 2001. Mounted on post board. " [ref:5058]
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"Vertes, Marcel"
Marcel Vertes "An autograph letter, in English, signed Vertes, [New York, December 28, 1959], by the Hungarian-born, French artist, costume designer and Academy Award winner. ""Please come both of you Wednesday 30 betw. 5-7 for a glass of champagne at the Hammer Galleries 51 E 57. You will see the original drawings about the Abstracts."" 1 page, 4to. With original autograph addressed and stamped envelope. The two: " [ref:5149]
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EDWARD ARDIZZONE An autograph letter signed on the Indochina-born English illustrator's personal letterhead, December 12, 1956, "…Yes do send me Lottie to read. I will give you my verdict when I have done so." "Apropos of cash, I would charge you between 100 & 150 for the job including Jacket design depending on whether you want whole or 1/2 page drawings." "With regard to time, I have much work on hand so cannot undertake to let you have the drawings before the end of March or early April." 1 page, 4to. [ref:6324]
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BIL BAIRD A free-hand drawing of his most famous character Charlemane the Lion, inscribed and signed, on a 12mo album page, by the celebrated American puppeteer; he created The Lonely Goatherd sequence in The Sound of Music. On the reverse is an inscribed autograph of Italian soprano Renata Tebaldi. [ref:7001]
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CECIL BEATON A lengthy autograph note signed Cecil, [January 13, 1955], by the English photographer and scenic designer who designed the sets and costumes of the film My Fair Lady. Written on a 5 ¾ x 4 Italian postcard, with the portrait of Andrea Doria by De Medici artist A. Bronzino on the reverse, Beaton addresses Simon Fleet in Wiltshire, England. "Have enjoyed the umbrella as much as I expected. It was damned cold much of the time & not very nice fellow guests-But lovely sightseeing interesting people in the offing-Am now going into the unknown in France." "Love to Juliet & to you as Bus has started for the airport-as you can see." Juliet, Lady Juliet Duff; Simon Fleet was her companion. Beaton had done a portrait of the two in 1948. Small nick to a corner affects nothing. [ref:6610]
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RAY BILLINGSLEY A pair of original drawings, characters Curtis and Gunk from the cartoon strip Curtis signed by the artist Ray Billingsley. The pair: [ref:7007]
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[TIGER]. BUD BLAKE A pen and ink drawing on a 5 ½ x 3 ½ card from the American cartoonist's strip Tiger; signed "Tiger & Bud Blake." [ref:6333]
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Cadmus, Paul
A 6 ½ X 5 ¼ announcement of a December 1979 retrospective exhibit of the artist's work; on the front a reproduction of a male nude sketch signed by Cadmus. [ref:3609]
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LEONETTO CAPIELLO An autograph letter, in French, signed October 14, no year, by the Italian-born, living in France, poster artist who revolutionized this form of advertisement. "Your letter, which I just received, surprised and upset me." "I wholeheartedly regret the decision you just made and I join our friends to express the sincere wish for your complete recovery." "I will take it upon myself one of these days to better express to you directly all my sympathy and friendship…" 2 pages, 8vo. [ref:7015]
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[CARTOONISTS]. An unusual combination of masters of the art of cartoons, along with their most famous creations: Bob Kane (Batman), Friz Freleng (Bugs Bunny) and Chester Gould (Dick Tracy), all on a single 11 x 8 ½ sheet of heavy stock paper. Unusual and decorative. [ref:5264]
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