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"Albee, Edward"
Edward Albee "A brief autograph letter signed by the American playwright on his personal 6 1/2 x 4 1/4 correspondence card. ""Thanks for the bouquet. I especially enjoyed the long-stemmed beauties."" With the original transmittal envelope, postmarked and stamped, bearing a 5-line autograph address. " [ref:5015]
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"Grey, Zane"
Zane Grey "A full four-page folio autograph manuscript, in pencil, with a note on top margin: ""Type immediately & send to Mr. Frank James, Suite 605, Paramount Bldg. Write note with it saying from ZG."" Too long to quote this interesting essay, but a few bits will suffice: ""In 1908 at Lackawanna Pa my friend Daniel Murphy a literary man and nephew of Edward Markham, the poet, gave me my first idea for a historical novel on the tragedy of the buffalo."" ""The title The Thundering Herd was chosen then. But I did not get my material until some years later when Col. C. J. Buffalo Jones took me on my first trip to Arizona…"" ""On this trip I got material from Buffalo Jones for the books, The Last of the Plainsmen, and [?]."" ""He gave me his book Forty Years on the Frontier which was historical fact…but [only] lightly touched upon one of the phases most fascinating to me, and that was the massacre of the buffalo by the hide hunters…."" ""It was the buffalo hide-hunters who broke the Indian strength at the borders and made further buffalo hunting possible…Jones was the scout plainsman and leader who led most of these pursuits of Comanches…"" ""The many little incidents and facts I am accused of plagiarizing came naturally to me in the course of my talk with Buffalo Jones…The chasing, killing, skinning of buffalo, and the pegging of their hides…can be found in many historical books…"" ""…I have had the assurance of the Authors League of America, and all the other authorities, that a historical book was in the public domain. If historical books were forbidden by law to study there would be few historical novels."" " [ref:5157]
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"Hughes, Rupert"
Rupert Hughes "An autograph letter, on personal stationery, signed Los Angeles, California, March 3, 1922, by the American historian, novelist, film director and composer. To baritone Lawrence Tibbett, ""Your wife told me yesterday of the streak of hard luck that has bit you along with most of the world and that the influenza is holding back your activity."" ""When I have had bad luck I have often borrowed money to tide me over, and I should count it a pleasure and a good investment to lend you a life preserver."" ""Enclosed is fifty dollars which I hope you will accept without time limit..."" ""Schirmer is bringing out 19 new songs of mine and I hope that some of them may enjoy the privilege of being made audible by your splendid voice."" 1 1/4 pages, 4to. With the original autograph addressed envelope bearing a stamp and postmark. " [ref:5060]
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"Lindsay, Vachel"
Vachel Lindsay "A scarce, lengthy and interesting autograph letter signed Spokane, June 19, 1927, by the American poet. To Stark Young, American journalist, ""…Please accept my very earnest congratulations upon your sketch of the University of Virginia architecture and mood in The New Republic...You have put more of my dreams and ideals for America in one short sketch than I ever read before…"" ""…The answer to all those who would say that the Republican and Democratic parties are alike is a pilgrimage to Hamilton's Columbia University and to Jefferson's University of Virginia. There is still tradition enough in those mossy halls to redeem this land. This is a subject on which I feel so deeply that I must stop right here, lest I write you a book."" 3 full pages, 4to. " [ref:5144]
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"Odets, Clifford"
Clifford Odets "An oddly phrased autograph letter of thanks signed, New York, June 30, 1951, by the American playwright, social activist and screenwriter; among his works are GOLDEN BOY, WAITING FOR LEFTY and AWAKE AND SING! ""You many think it quaint & 'special' what I have to say, but here it is."" ""Twice you spoke of how sorry you both were that we hadn't come to visit your house. You had prayed that the roses would come out in time, you said, and they did, & then we didn't visit you & so didn't see the roses."" ""Well, I thought about that on the train and finally realized this: so alive in both of you were the sense of what you were saying, so yourselves were you in the half hour we were together, that you had the roses in yourselves and there they were and, actually, we both saw & had the roses with you both..."" 2 pages, 4to. With the autograph addressed envelope bearing a second signature in the return address. The two: " [ref:5088]
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"Pinter, Harold"
Harold Pinter An original 4 x 5 photograph signed by the late English playwright on the lower margin. [ref:5093]
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"Sherwood, Robert"
Robert Sherwood "A letter signed, on The Playwrights' Company stationery, New York, March 14, 1939, by the American playwright and screenwriter of REBECCA and THE BEST YEARS OF OUR LIVES. Here, to a judge, about his most famous play ABE LINCOLN IN ILLINOIS. ""Thank you very much for your letter about my play, 'Abe Lincoln in Illinois'."" :""The scene of the presentation of the cane by Ninian Edwards is fictitious-the cane being used more or less as a symbol of Lincoln's reluctant entry in the Edwards-Todd social set. Of course, I know that when Lincoln was president he owned such a cane, but I have no idea where he got it."" 1 page, 4to. " [ref:5116]
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EDWARD ALBEE A brief autograph letter signed [New York], May 10, 2007, by the American playwright and author. "Thanks for the cards! They look good & who are the guys!?" With the original autograph addressed envelope. The two: [ref:1001]
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Albee, Edward
EDWARD ALBEE. A youthful 5 x 3 ˝ black and white snapshot bust photograph signed by the American playwright on the lower margin. [ref:6007]
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Albee, Edward
SIGNED EDITION. EDWARD ALBEE. WHO'S AFRAID OF VIRGINIA WOOLF? Signed, inscribed and dated on the full title page by the American playwright. Original boards, 4to. Mint dust wrapper. New York, First Edition of Scribner's classic series, 2003. [ref:5466]
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