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Kent, Rockwell
ROCKWELL KENT. An informative letter, on the American writer, artist, illustrator and printmaker's red woodcut "Rockwell Kent" stationery, signed Ausable Forks, New York, November 28, 1961. To a client concerning the design of a bookplate, "When the drawings and your letter came I cried out inwardly 'Thank God' for not getting an acknowledgement of them I had begun to fear that you were ill, or worse." "I am convinced from what you have written me that drawing No. 5 is the one that should be made your bookplate. But, if you don't mind, I think I will put it more decidedly in the category of mythology by divesting it, or him, of the last vestige of present day reality---his pants---and make him, if you please, Apollo. A baton is actually more appropriate to Apollo than the traditional lyre." "I will get at the bookplate soon, I hope, send you the finished drawing and then, when you return it, either send it to my engraver in the East or to one of your fine California printers, like Ward Ritchie…" With an example of the finished engraved bookplate: pants on, lyre out. [ref:6091]
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Kent, Rockwell
ROCKWELL KENT. A highly informative typed letter signed on the American writer, artist, illustrator and printmaker's ornamental stationery, Ausable Forks, New York, October 7, 1961. Here Kent details his work for a client's bookplates, "Here at last are sketches for your bookplate-five of them, each numbered for your convenience and my understanding when you reply to me about them." "You will note-I fear regretfully-that I have only used the baton once. It seemed to me, since my ideas were fairly realistic, that it was perhaps a little incongruous to have a figure waving a baton on a mountain top---as though, like God, he was directing the Universe…." "Please be as critical as you please about the designs…for a bookplate is too personal a matter not to be as nearly as possible what its owner would have it be." "I have put neither your name nor initials on any of these, but that is easily done…either chiseled on the stone…or lettered in white on the border of the second color that I would use in the design." "Take your time about returning the sketches…I know that I have been a dreadfully long time in sending you these sketches…" 1 page, 4to. With a copy of the finished work, which retained the baton and the recipient's initials chiseled on the rock. The two: [ref:5376]
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DAME LAURA KNIGHT An autograph letter signed May 11, 1939, by the trailblazing 20th Century English artist, the first woman elected to the Royal Academy. A glowing letter of introduction for fellow artist Clara Klinghoffer, "Mr. & Mrs. Stoppleman, our friends, are visiting the States, and as they know very few people, I am venturing to give them an introduction to yourself and Dorothy. Mrs. Stoppleman whose professional name is 'Clara Klinghoffer,' is a very distinguished and talented painter, whose work is highly thought of here in England, she is an old and dear friend of mine." "We are so sorry we were away when last you came to England, and we did not get your letter until it was too late to do anything about it…work has swallowed me up even more than usual, and I have been fearfully neglectful to all our dear friends…" 1 page, 4to. [ref:7059]
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La Farge, John
JOHN LA FARGE. An autograph letter signed, Tuesday the 2nd, no place, no year, by the American artist and master stain glass designer. To a Mrs. Ward, "Many thanks for your kind invitation…But I am still seriously an invalid having to husband all the time…as I cannot even take amusement or pleasure without the Doctor's permission." 1 ½ pages 8vo. Slight smudging. With original autograph envelope. The two: [ref:6095]
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Lasswell, Fred
FRED LASSWELL A 13 ½ x 5 ¼ color cartoon strip, Barney Google and Snuffy Smith, neatly excised from a newspaper, signed, inscribed and dated 3/19/92 by the creator of the strip, "Fer Sweet Elizabeth Wiggins, with goodest wishes, Fred Lasswell."Small tear affects nothing. [ref:5382]
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Leibowitz, Annie
ANNIE LEIBOWITZ PHOTOGRAPHS. ANNIE LEIBOWITZ. 1970-1990. Signed on the full title page by the American photographer in this, a compendium of 228 full page photographs of the famous, the infamous and the bizarre in the period 1970 to 1990. Original covers featuring the famous naked coupling of John Lennon and Yoko Ono. Glassine cover present and ripped. 11 ¼ X 13 format. New York 1991. [ref:2836]
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[MARMADUKE]. BRAD ANDERSON. A 5 x3 card signed and inscribed by the American cartoonist, who has drawn his most famous creation, the ungainly larger-than-life dog Marmaduke. [ref:5231]
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Moore, Henry
Henry Moore. A quality 4 x 6 black and white reproduction carte photograph of the English sculptor's 1948 drawing Two Women Bathing a Child; boldly signed on the lower margin by the artist. [ref:5697]
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An informative autograph letter signed by the Scottish landscape artist, no date. "Your likeness in the engraving reached me safely & uninjured...I shall have it on my walls very shortly & there it will recall the features of a new & valued friend... "My fate at the R.A. has been very rosy, my contributions being all on the line & in good places...Tomorrow morning I shall for myself see how they look." Two pages, 1st and 4th pages of 4-page 8vo stationery. [ref:3871]
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Nash, Paul
PAUL NASH. An informative autograph letter signed, Oxford, December 28, 1943 by the pre-eminent Twentieth Century English landscape artist. "I so very much regret your letter about copies of my wood engravings should have been neglected." "I am afraid I had a mistaken idea that C-E-M-A [Council for the Encouragement of Music and Art] was dealing with the matter whereas I find they had asked me to do so. Am I too late to do anything? If you want prints I have a few of the first two but 'Dyke by the Road' has long been out of print." "Winter Wood is 2 guineas" "Poplar Pond- 1 guinea." 1 page, 4to. With the original stamped and postmarked envelope. The two: [ref:5529]
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