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PIERRE MONTEUX An autograph letter signed, Paris, April 10, 1911, by the French violist and conductor, forever linked with the conducting of many premieres for the Ballet Russe, an association which began in the year of this letter. "My dear Dandelot, Understood for the sessions with Pugno on April 28, May 1st and May 16th." Most likely referring to colleague, composer and organist, Raoul Pugno. 1 page, small 8vo. [ref:6545]
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Mugnone, Leopoldo
An extensive, humorous autograph inscription, incorporating an autograph musical quote, signed Montevideo, August 18, 1902, by the Italian composer and conductor, who premiered Mascagni’s Cavalleria rusticana. "I would like to try to artfully deceive just to disprove those who say that art can never deceive. How to do it? Let’s try! I will show you a modest theme in order to make an orchestral Scherzo: Here it is [musical quote]. You like it? Yes? Thank you, but pray read it backwards & you will discover the deception; it is not mine, but it is by the great Verdi, & it has served in deceiving & satisfying you..." The quote (backwards) is from Verdi’s Il Trovatore. l page, oblong 8vo card. [ref:1665]
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Nikisch, Artur
ARTUR NIKISCH. An autograph letter signed Nikisch by the pre-eminent Hungarian conductor, [Leipzig, December 6, 1896]. Written on a 5 ½ x 3 ½ postcard,to the composer Otto Floersheim, French-born American composer, critic and Berlin editor of the Musical Courier, Nikisch confirms the dates and times of a Leipzig Gewandhaus concert and rehearsal and elicits his thoughts on Richard Strauss' Also sprach Zarathustra, which had premiered in Frankfurt some two weeks earlier. With a carte photograph of Nikisch. The two: [ref:6122]
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JACK NORWORTH An ideal item, the autograph lyrics for the chorus of the enduring classic Shine On Harvest Moon, first introduced in 1908 by the lyricist and co-writer, with his wife vaudevillian performer Nora Bayes. Norworth is also known as the lyricist to another cherished song, Take Me Out to the Ballgame. 1 page, 4to. Rare. [ref:5967]
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Ochs, Siegfried
An autograph musical quote signed by the German conductor and composer, identified by Ochs as his own Symphony in W-moll and dated Wildbad, August 19l6. On the reverse of a 5 1/4 X 3 1/2 postcard which has mounting traces. [ref:2051]
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A lengthy letter signed by the conductor of the Philadelphia Orchestra, to Theodore Roosevelt's daughter-in-law, Mrs. Kermit Roosevelt, December 3, 1940. "...I deeply appreciate your great interest in my wife's health. "She intended to go through the operation last week...but she got 'cold fee'...I mentioned to her your suggestion...but she is determined to go through with her original plans... "I regret very much not being able to see more of you..." 1 page, 4to. [ref:3863]
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Ormandy, Eugene
Eugene Ormandy A letter signed on The Philadelphia Orchestra Association, Office of the Music Director stationery, September 22, 1971, by the Hungarian-born conductor of that institution. To the wife of trailblazing conductor, Pierre Monteux, "I hope you will forgive my typewritten reply...this is one of the heaviest first weeks of my 36 seasons with the Philadelphia Orchestra...this note...however...carries with it my sincere thanks for your congratulations and good wishes on my hip operation." 1 page, 4to. [ref:4941]
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Ormandy, Eugene
Eugene Ormandy. The colorful 4to front page of a program celebrating The Philadelphia Orchestra's 76th Anniversary Season, 1975-76, Eugene Ormandy, Music Director; boldly signed by the conductor and musician. [ref:5700]
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Ormandy, Eugene
EUGENE ORMANDY. A quality, dramatic 10 x 8 black and white photograph of the Hungarian-born conductor of the Philadelphia Symphony Orchestra; signed and inscribed on the generous lower margin: "To Mr. John D. Buchanan, with best wishes, Eugene Ormandy, Philadelphia, 1970." [ref:6127]
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Richter, Hans
An original 4 ¼ X 6 ½ Barraud of London signed and dated Vienna, January 1893, by the German conductor, the first to conduct the Ring Cycle at Bayreuth. Mounting traces on reverse. [ref:3112]
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