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Kostelanetz, Andre
The January 2, 1965 program page for a Philadelphia Orchestra Pops Concert signed by the conductor who has penned an autograph musical quote from Emile Waldteufel’s waltz, The Skaters. 2 pages, 4to. [ref:1153]
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An early 3 X 5 carte portrait printed sketch signed, inscribed and dated May 31, 1936, by the Czech conductor and composer. [ref:3229]
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Lamoureux, Charles
An autograph letter, on Concerts Lamoureux letterhead, signed Paris, May 16, 1896, by the French conductor and violinist, founder of the Concerts Lamoureux. "I am very sorry that I shall not be able to take advantage of the two tickets for your concert which you were kind enought to send spite of the sincere pleasure I would have in attending and applauding you." l page, 8vo. [ref:3413]
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ERICH LEINSDORF A 9 ½ x 12 color photograph signed by the Austrian-born American conductor, who is shown conducting a rehearsal. [ref:6808]
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JOSE LOPEZ-COBOS An excellent autograph musical quote, from Anton Bruckner's Eighth Symphony, signed and dated by the Spanish conductor, Director of the Deutsche Oper Berlin and longtime conductor of the Cincinnati Symphony Orchestra. Inscribed a member of the orchestra, violinist Donald Gibson: "A Donald Gibson with the best memories of our long relationship trough (sic) the music, All my love." 1 page, oblong. [ref:6937]
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ZUBIN MEHTA An excellent 14 x 11 color photograph signed and dated by the Indian conductor, long time direct of the New York Philharmonic; Mehta is shown in casual clothes leading an orchestral rehearsal. [ref:6542]
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Menges, Herbert
An original Claude Harris of London 6 X 8 1/4 photograph, signed, inscribed and dated 1936, by the English conductor and composer for the theater and stage. [ref:1815]
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Mitropoulos, Dimitri
Dimitri Mitropoulos A dramatic 7 x 9 photograph, signed and isncribed, "Mr. Willard Mulvaney, D. Mitropoulos, 1947," by the Greek-born composer, pianist and conductor, who led the New York Philharmoic through chaotic times; he was a champion of the music of Gustav Mahler. Two wrinkles well away from the signature do not materially affect the image's impact. [ref:4987]
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Mitropoulos, Dimitri
DIMITRI MITROPOULOS A 4to album page taken from a book of tributes to the American photographer Alfred Eisenstaedt, creator of the iconic VJ photograph of a couple kissing in Times Square. Here, the Greek-American conductor and composer pens an awkward left-handed compliment to Eisenstaedt, "To Mr. Alfred Eisenstaedt full of admiration for his artistry! It was a pleasure to be tortured [by you] taking for endless hours pictures of me. January 25, 1945, Minneapolis, Minnesota." Mitropoulos, at this time, was principal conductor of the Minneapolis Symphony Orchestra. On the reverse, a more restrained dedication by Lord Halifax and his wife Dorothy, British Embassy, Feb. 8, 1945. Halifax was British ambassador to the US during World War II. [ref:6267]
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A scarce autograph letter signed, Paris, March 21, 1913, by the great French conductor associated with many of the great premieres of the early Twentieth Century; he also successfully led the Boston San Francisco and London Symphony Orchestras. "I am sorry that I haven’t negotiated with Monsieur Lyon, the cellist you recommended, but at the time I was telling you that I didn’t have my 2nd cello yet, I was already talking to a musician, who has since signed on. "Thank you for the tip you gave me on the subject of permits. "I wrote to Monte-Carlo and think that a friend of mine down there can make the request in person...I will come by one of these days and say hello.” 1 ¼ pages, 1st and 3rd pages of 4-page 8vo stationery. [ref:3580]
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