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An original 11 X 14 Ackad of Washington, D.C. signed photograph of the Associate Justice of the Supreme Court from 1957 to 1962. [ref:3802]
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Wilson, Jessie
Jessie Wilson An uncommon autograph letter, on The President's Cottage, Cornish, New Hampshire letterhead, signed July 12, 1913, by the middle daughter of President Woodrow Wilson. "I can't tell you what a pleasure it was to hear from you. I guess you know how much I always thought of you from the beginning-as much as a Freshman decently could, you know-and your 'hand clasp' from Virginia went straight to my heart. Thank you for it. It means a lot. I am wonderfully happy and I'm wishing only that I could spread some of my happiness and contentment every where. I wish I could hear about your Alaskan exile. What were you doing there?" Jessie Woodrow Wilson was to be married on November 25, 1913. Two pages, front and reverse of the 5 1/2 x 3 1/2 correspondence card. [ref:4974]
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[BOXING]. CARMEN BASILIO-GENE FULLMER An August 28, 1959, black and white 8 x 10 photograph of the weigh in for the match between Carmen Basilio and Gene Fullmer for the Middleweight title fight in San Francisco in which Basilio brutally lost. Signed by both pugilists. [ref:6617]
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[McKinley, Ida S.]
[IDA S. McKINLEY]. WILLIAM S. McKINLEY. A rare 4 ¼ x 2 ¾ Executive Mansion card signed Ida S. McKinley, but in fact, a proxy signature penned by husband President William McKinley. Ida's signature is rare, approximately 30 examples exist on White House cards. Still, rare as such. [ref:6110]
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[REVOLUTIONARY WAR AMERICANA]. THE SUMMARY CASE OF THE AMERICAN LOYALISTS [London, circa 1784], Sabin #93593. Dropped head title and docket title on last page of this 4-page folio monograph on the rights to reparations for property losses by the American Loyalists during and after the American Revolution. Signed in type by ten prominent Loyalists including: James Wright, Governor of Georgia, Thomas Boone, Colonial Governor of New Jersey and South Carolina, Lord Dunmore Governor of New York and Virginia, George Chalmers, Baltimore lawyer, Joseph Galloway, William Franklyn, last Royal Governor of New Jersey, Guy Johnson, George Rome, Sir William Pepperel and Paul Wentworth. Immediately after the War of Independence the British Parliament set up a Committee to look into the claims of the Loyalists who had been dispossessed of land and office. Parliament eventually spent some 6 million Pounds on their compensation and resettlement in Nova Scotia. Enclosed in a gray linen flapped box with a draw string and a gilt lettered title on the spine. [ref:6955]
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[SLAVERY]. An uncommon document, in near pristine condition, dated Decatur County, Georgia, April 29, 1847 in which one William Boggs states, "That I will not, during the next succeeding twelve months, barter, give away, sell or furnish, to any slave or slaves, any measure or quantity of distilled or spirituous or intoxicating liquors, without the verbal or written consent of the owners or employers of such slave or slaves, or without the consent of the guardian of any free persons of color…I will not allow any other person to do so for me by my approbation, consent or knowledge, so help me God." Signed by Boggs as well as county officials. 1 page, folio. [ref:6152]
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[Supreme Court]. Samuel F. Miller
[SUPREME COURT]. SAMUEL F. MILLER. An autograph letter signed Sam. F. Miller, on Supreme Court stationery, October 29, 1889, by the Associate Justice, who was also a doctor. Chief Justice Wm. Rehnquist has described him as the dominant force on the Court during his tenure (1862-1890). Miller writes, "My dear John: There are two trains from here to Philadelphia tomorrow afternoon one of which is due at the Broad Street Station at 4:09 and the other at 4:16 P.M. and Mrs. Miller and I expect to be there on one or the other." 1 page, 8vo. Slight brushing of the ink in signature. Overall aging with traces of mat burn around edges. Accompanied by an original imperial cabinet photograph of Miller taken by Pennsylvania and 11th St. Studios, Washington, DC, the photograph also suffers damage to edges from previous matting. The two: [ref:5612]
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