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QUEEN CHRISTINA OF SWEDEN An excellent manuscript document boldly signed Christina at the conclusion, Stockholm, October 10, 1645 by the only legitimate heir of soldier-king Gustavus Adolphus of Sweden. The enigmatic ruler writes, "We, Christina, with God's Grace Crowned Queen of the Swedes, the Gothes, and the Wendes and Artfurstinna (female dauphin) and Grand Duchess of Finland, Duchess of Estland and Letland…let it be known that We, by favor and grace, and in respect of the long and faithful and courageous service, which both our most noble and saintly dear father, in a Christian and glorious remembrance, and thereafter Us, and the Crown of Sweden, our faithful servant and Captain, the honest and powerful Jacob Muller served us for many wars…[We] bequeath and give to him a half of Our and the Crown's farm in Upsala country." Christina extends these benefits to Muller's wife, should she survive him "as long as she is a widow and sole provider." "Because he now has retired, due to the daily obligations caused by age and weakness of strength, from his military unit, the Uplandz Regiment…We have with grace acknowledged his long service and have granted him in his old age…thirty barrels of grain, and an accrued interest income which the Governor of Upsala has collected…it is also understood that this Our gracious gift is for as long as said Jacob Muller lives only." Excellent wafer Royal Seal attached below the monarch's signature. One of the curiosities of 17th century history, Christina was characterized as "mannish" in part for her keen mind and interest in books, religion and science. Many of the leading minds of her time corresponded with her. She was visited by the French philosopher Rene Descartes who came and promptly died of pneumonia after a short visit. She decided early on not to marry and chose to abdicate (several times), finally making it official in 1654; she was heavily subsidized by the government. She eventually wound up in Rome, converted to Roman Catholicism (more in style than substance) and was regarded by the Vatican as its most successful and noteworthy convert. She entertained lavishly, many hosts were almost bankrupted when she was their guest. She became a generous patron to many of Italy's artists and scientists. She finally died in February 1689 after an extraordinary life. Despite her wishes, she was given a lavish funeral and was buried at St. Peter's Basilica, one of only three women accorded this distinction. One of the ironic points of the document here offered is that Queen Christina seemed, on many occasions, to give the same lands and revenues to more than one person, causing massive debt to the government. $1,500 [ref:6885]
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WINSTON S. CHURCHILL A typed letter signed, Winston S. Churchill, with a holograph salutation and closing and a two-line autograph postscript, July 8, 1938, by the future wartime Prime Minister, from his home at Chartwell. To William Ormsby-Gore, recently created Lord Harlech upon the death of his father. "My dear Billy, Very many thanks for returning the letter to Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, which has now been dispatched to the proper quarter." Churchill's postscript reads, "P.S. I had almost forgotten yr. elevation." 1 page, 8vo. Lord Harlech's son, David, was a close friend of John F. Kennedy when Kennedy's father was U.S. Ambassador to England. In turn J.F.K. personally requested his old chum to be made British Ambassador to the U.S. when Kennedy became President. Count Coudenhove-Kalergi, Austrian diplomat, a prime mover for a united Europe. He fled Austria this year after the Anschluss. His wartime activities served as a basis for the character Victor Laslo, the Paul Henreid character, in Casablanca. [ref:6491]
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Cocteau, Jean
Jean Cocteau. An autograph letter signed Grand Hotel, Kitzbuhel, Austria, February 23, 1954, by the French artist, writer, director and poet, among his many talents. To "My dear Lepage," "I sent you the text a long time ago, but to the old address. Have you not received it? I do not own another copy. Please reassure me." 1 page, 4to. [ref:5654]
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Cole, Henry
HENRY COLE. A document signed on Department of Science and Art letterhead, London, June 21, 1853, by the largely unknown civil servant and inventor, who introduced the first commercial Christmas card, in 1843, to Victorian England and is often credited with designing the first postage stamp, the "Penny Black." Here, Cole returns some artifacts that were borrowed for an exhibit, "In returning the objects which you have so kindly permitted to be exhibited in the Museum of this Department, I am directed by the Lords of the Committee of Privy Council for Trade to express to you their best thanks for the instruction and gratification which the articles lent by you have afforded." 1 page, folio. Unusual. [ref:5460]
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EMILE COUE A most famous quote used by the French psychologist in creating improvement in patients through autosuggestion. It is used as a mantra in Alcoholic Anonymous meetings. Written in English on a 4 x 2 ¼ card. "Day by day, in every way, I am getting better and better." Signed E. Coue. Minor mounting stains on the reverse. [ref:5915]
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Coward, Noel
Noel Coward. A magnificent 11 x 14 original Vandamm of NY photograph of the English playwright, composer, actor and singer, known for his wit and sophistication; signed and inscribed to fellow actor and long time friend Clifton Webb, "For Mr. Webb from Mr. Coward." Webb appeared in many of Coward's plays and starred in movies such as Laura and The Razor's Edge. When Webb's beloved mother Mabel died at the age of 93, Coward consoled him with the quip: "It must be terrible to be orphaned at 71." Signed by the photographer on the front with the studio's stamp on the reverse. [ref:5658]
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MADAME DE STAEL An autograph letter signed Necker, Baronne Stael de Holstein, Red House, September 13, no year, by the Swiss-French literary leader of Parisian society during the French Revolution, who was frequently in exile under Napoleon; they shared a mutual animosity towards each other. Her writings in French, such as Corinne, established the French romantic novel. "I am spending a few days in Frankfurt and would be delighted to see Monsieur Jordis if his business allows him to come see me." 1 page, 8vo. [ref:6641]
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Elizabeth II Her Majesty's 1955 Christmas card signed and dated Elizabeth R. 1955 beneath a 6 x 6 image-size photograph of her then-young family: Charles, Anne and her husband Prince Philip. Gilt crested front cover. 4 pages, format: 7 x 8. [ref:4996]
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Elizabeth II
Her Majesty’s 1962 Christmas card, featuring a 4 1/2 X 61/2 color photograph of her family at that time: Philip, Charles, Anne and Andrew; signed and dated Elizabeth R., 1962, on the opposing inside page. [ref:3256]
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Elizabeth II---Prince Philip
An uncommon 1982 Christmas card inscribed and signed by the Queen with her family nickname, Lilibet, to her nephew David, Viscount Linley. Also signed by Philip. Featured on the inside are two 7 1/2 X 5 color photographs of the Queen and Prince with their second son Prince Andrew during the Falkland War. [ref:3949]
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