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Toscanini, Arturo
A compassionate letter signed by the great Italian conductor, who petitions the director of Casa Verdi, created to give dignity to aging artist, to find a place for contralto Signora Borlinetto, who sang with Caruso in La Gioconda, in his early years. No date, Milan. 1 page, large 8vo. Minor defects. [ref:4542]
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Truman, Bess
[BESS TRUMAN]. A Presidential gilt crested 4 ½ x 3 ¼ printed card, filled out in another hand: "Mrs. Truman At Home on Thursday afternoon, April 13, 1950 at four o'clock." Slight discoloration at edges. [ref:5552]
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Wise, Stephen
RABBI STEPHEN S. WISE. A lofty 15-line autograph sentiment signed Stephen S. Wise, September 23, 1943, by the Hungarian-born American rabbi, known for his reform agenda, Zionism and his advice to FDR on Jewish issues. Here Rabbi Wise praises another reformer, Walter White, champion of the African-American cause and President of the NAACP for a quarter of a century. "Walter White and the writer are too close in friendship & the deepest things of comradeship to permit of objective appraisal of his service. I place him by the side of some of the greatest sons of his race whom I have known, Booker Washington, Dr. Carver, Dr. Du Bois…I thank God for what my friend Walter gives his people and America in its entirety." 1 full page, 4to. [ref:5451]
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Wood, Audrey
A collection of 5 letters signed by the legendary agent who discovered Tennessee Williams and, with her husband, had a client list including William Inge, Carson McCullers, Brando, Audrey Hepburn and Elizabeth Taylor. The letters date from November 6, 1968 to September 17, 1971 and are to a Francis Roberts. They cover a range of topics: Paul Bowles, Williams' personal life, Hair, Walker Percy and Easy Rider. None in great depth but excellent reads. The group: [ref:3049]
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[BULLFIGHTING]. BARNABY CONRAD, JR. An informative typed letter signed March 25, circa 1953, by the American bullfighting fan, amateur matador, author and artist. Conrad apologizes for the delay in responding as he was in the Virgin Islands and Mexico City. "[I] went to the Virgin Islands with John Steinbeck and his wife and found them very virginal (the islands!). Mexico very unvirginal and changed since I was last there. Saw the last three corridas [bull fights] of Carlos Arruza [world famous bull fighter]. Too bad he has quit, as he is the best in the world." "Your friend whose grandfather is Spanish and went to school with Belmonte [Juan Belmonte, considered the greatest bullfighter ever] must claim that distinction with very few others, since Belmonte claims he went to school only from the age of six till the age of eight!" On the current crop of bullfighters: "Manolo Dos Santos is also retiring…He was quite good, but has both knees pulverized by the bulls. Pedres is a very sensational fighter, but of the new ones my favorite is Jumillano…" 2 pages, 4to. [ref:6191]
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